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Can you make the logo bigger?

I’m sure other web designers go through this with their clients. Its like the plague. Clients always want their logo bigger: whether its within their website, products, letterheads, you name it. Check out these examples and see what I’m talking about. Kinda weird right? Who in their right mind would have the ford logo that […]

A tip on why you should never center align body text

  I don’t know what it is, from my experience, is that the majority of new clients love to center align (wait for it) everything. I think people want their website to look like poetry, or a limerick or something? Who knows haha.. From what Ive learned is that when you center align your body […]

5 amazing outreach scripts

5 Amazing Outreach Scripts (And What Makes Them So Effective)

In this post you are going to learn about how outreach is an important part of almost every business. The guest post was provided by Dave Schneider who is the cofounder of NinjaOutreach, an innovative new Blogger Outreach software for marketers. He shares 5 great outreach scripts that work for a number of occasions and […]

Rank without links. Not likely.

New Report Says Websites Are Unlikely to Rank Without Links

Being in the SEO game at Coronation I.M. we hear Google and others telling us that we should stop building links to websites in order to help them rank better. Or we have others from “fairy world” telling us: “If you build great content, others will share and link to your content and you will […]

New web design launched at CIM

Hey everyone! I’m a new web designer here at Coronation IM and just wanted to share this new website I created and give a little bio of myself. My name is James de los Santos and I’m originally from Edmonton, AB. I went to design school graduating with a Design and Digital Media Diploma. After […]

cats and social media

Why Cats Are Terrible At Social Media

Thought I’d share this cartoon with everyone. It actually applies to those who wonder why they don’t have any followers when they aren’t active on social media. You can’t expect followers if you don’t share content or create content that you then share on social media.

action door services las vegas

Welcome Action Door Services Las Vegas

We’d like to welcome Action Door Services as a new client for our Las Vegas search engine optimization and internet marketing services. We’ve just completed a minor refresh of their site along with making it mobile-friendly which is now more important than ever due to the “Mobile-geddon” algorithm update that Google is releasing on April 21, […]

duplicate content penalty myth

The Duplicate Content Penalty From Google Is a Myth

For years us SEO types have believed there is a penalty if your site contains duplicate content. Essentially this is content you’ve copied from another site to put on your site. Some people refer to this is as “plagiarism”. I’m not a judge, but I’ll leave that up to you. Nevertheless, it is not a […]

doorway pages

Google Announces Doorway Page Algorithm Adjustment

Google has made another announcement targeting “doorway” pages this time. These are pages specifically created for spamming the search engine results page for targeted keywords for the purpose of sending visitors to a different page. Personally, I like that Google is now announcing their algorithm changes. Recently, Google announced that they were changing their algorithm […]