What’s better? Black hat or white hat SEO?

One of the things we get asked from time to time is if we do Black Hat or White Hat SEO. In reality, any type of SEO is viewed upon by Google as Black Hat SEO as they view doing things to manipulate your rankings as against their standards. But, I guarantee you that anyone […]

Social Media Brand Meltdown

Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong! As many of you may have seen or read online already, “Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro” in Scottsdale, Arizona, suffered a publicity meltdown like none other when the owners took to their Facebook account. The owners were featured on a recent episode on FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares where celebrity chef […]

Social Signals: The Search Engine Optimization Game Changer

Following the increase in cookie cutter search engine optimization tactics, Google is beginning to implement new methods in how sites are ranked. Introducing the finest in search engine optimization, social signals. Many of us are already familiar with the powers of social media, social bookmarking, and digital media for search engine optimization. However, how many […]

Big Changes!

Now, you may know Coronation Internet Marketing from our former name, Hurricane Web Design.  We’ve decided to change our name to more accurately reflect what we do for our clients today. Not only are we here to service your Web Design needs as you maybe start a new business, re branding, or simply an update […]