4 Lessons I've Learnt From Finding Anyone's Email Address

4 Lesons I’ve Learnt From Finding Anyone’s Email Address

You can’t build your business without your potential clients – it is a fact; however, it is rather hard to accomplish your goal just discovering the results Google offers you. Why so? Because it is too time-consuming and, of course, you must clearly know what clients you need. Apparently, you might ask yourself: “How can […]

ultimate guide to micro influencers

The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencers

Looking for ways to increase your audience engagement? Have you considered working with micro-influencers? They’re known for their ability to engage their followers effectively. Micro-influencers are influencers who have somewhere between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. And although they don’t have as many followers as their top-tier counterparts, they can prove to be a valuable asset […]

reasons why your website is losing traffic

5 Reasons Your Website Is Losing Traffic and How to Fix It!

Your website is the very first impression everyone will see of your start-up or brand. The homepage alone determines if you customers will further explore your website for the products or services you offer. The website design and details play a key role in driving traffic and if overlooked can result in loss of valuable […]

10 tools to measure a website's seo authority

10 Tools To Measure A Website’s SEO Authority

Imagine doing a search on the Internet. Especially if the topic is broad, a web search might bring up millions of results! People doing searches on the web are tasked with sifting through these results to find the specific information they need. How does a business make sure that they’re in the top results? This […]

why anchor text matters to SEO

Why Anchor Text Matters To SEO

Google’s Penguin algorithm update focused on penalizing sites that artificially boost their rankings by manipulating the number of links pointing towards a page. Meanwhile, its Hummingbird update a year later gave extra strength to long-tailed keywords, in an attempt to ensure site owners optimize their actual content. Since the updates, marketers have wrestled with how […]

Effective Ways to Become a Spectacular Outreach Blogger

Spreading your content or promoting a brand to the wider audience is becoming much more easy to achieve these days with the advent and popularity of social media. With more than 2 billion active users, it is somehow impossible for your content to go unnoticed. Whether you are a blogger by passion or by profession, […]

Nov 10 2016 website ranking decreases? The Fix!

November 10, 2016 Website Ranking Decreases? The Fix!

If your website’s rankings in Google dropped around November 10, 2016, it may be the result of an error in Google’s algorithm. We’ve discovered an easy, temporary fix until they get this fixed.  On November 10, 2016, we noticed ranking decreases in Google’s search results for a few of our client’s websites, test sites, and […]

Does your content really deserve to rank on page one for your target keywords?

Does your content deserve to rank on page one for your target keywords?

Great content is almost a major part of any website. Without the right target keywords, no one important will find your site. Without great content, no one will have enough information to show interest in your site. For every target keyword, you want to rank on page #1 in search results; however, having the most […]

Laura From Sagewood Recovery Celebrates Her Business Growth With Us

Laura from Sagewood Recovery, a women’s only drug and alcohol treatment centre in the Greater Vancouver area, brought cake in for us today to celebrate her being number one for her keywords and for her treatment centre having enough new clients to fill her facility. It’s an absolute pleasure to help great people like Laura […]

mobile rankings new king of search

Mobile Rankings: The New King of Search

In today’s blog post we have Thomas Eder of Sawgrass Digital Marketing here to tell us about the explosion of mobile in the world of SEO, why most businesses are not optimized for mobile, and why you might be missing out on as much as 60% of your niches search engine traffic. He also explains […]