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How would you like to get more leads with Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer SEO? We are looking for only one attorney in the city to help with their internet marketing and search engine optimization in Las Vegas. We only work with one law firm, per area of practice, per city so that we can focus on having your law practice getting leads from search instead of another firm.

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The keyword term “Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer” generates over 4,000 searches per month. Potential clients are making this search each and every month, is your website in a position to be found?

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With so many Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys competing for the same spots, the answer to my previous question for you is likely no. That’s where we come in. We work with clients in various industries and professions ranging from Contractors, Dentists, Realtors, and yes, even Personal Injury Lawyers. The results speak for themselves. By now you’re probably thinking, “Can they backup what they’re saying?”

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In a 10 month span from our first meeting, we increased monthly visitors to the firm’s website from approximately 200 visits per month, to over 800. 400% increase? We haven’t met yet, but I’m going to assume that you would be happy with that.

Stop spending money on Google AdWords trying to get Personal Injury clients, and give us a call today at 702-997-5165 to see how we can help getting your phone to ring instead of your competitors.

Remember, we are only taking one personal injury law firm in all of Las Vegas. Don’t let your competitor steal all of your business.

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