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We have chatted with many of business owners who have had negative Penticton search marketing stories to tell. Typically, they express concern about spending thousands of dollars to aPenticton SEO company and never seeing any results. Their site may not even be close to the first page of Google’s search results. Sometimes they end up with a few social media profiles, or pages that exist somewhere out in the depths of the internet, never ever to be seen or visited by a single prospective client.

A lot of business owners that pay for SEO have completely no concept what they are paying for because the search engine optimization company that they worked with to supply stated “search engine optimization services” either does not tell them precisely what they are going to do in order to get them more clients or even offer monthly traffic or ranking reports.

You see, the big SEO companies tend to follow outdated business models. A business model that is similar to the big corporations like cable companies who are focused on getting as many clients as they can, while providing inadequate service quality to their existing clients. They waste a large portion of their time contracting out jobs out of the country or to other firms, and tell their clients that Google’s algorithms change so often that it is difficult to get their site to rank better.

We want to inform you that these large SEO agencies in Penticton are too slow when updating their business practices, and are behind the times in the methods that they offer internet marketing services, and specifically, search engine optimization. There were 2 major modifications in how Google’s search engine determines how to rank websites in between 2012 and 2014. Google named these updates “Penguin” and “Panda”, and with their latest algorithm updates, they ended up causing a significant amount of hardship for the majority of these big Penticton search engine optimization companies. These updates put a lot of the big firms out of business since it was too tough to make the required modifications and offer the right training needed to continue operating after they had actually been dealing with too many untalented staff members and outsourcers.

We don’t want to see business owners within the Penticton area have to experience the pain from these poor SEO firms that are taking their hard-earned cash and not delivering favourable outcomes.

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At Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd., we take pride in being among the few real SEO specialists in Penticton, BC

We specialize in SEO and we are experts at it! We manage our business with the philosophy that Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing are effective component’s of every business’s marketing plan. There also has to be a fair amount of return on investment as an outcome of these marketing endeavours. Otherwise, it may not be regarded as a worthy investment. Internet marketing needs to be watched carefully, tracked, and proven in order to substantiate its effectiveness. At Coronation Internet Marketing, we do this for each and every one of our clients.

We encourage you to read through the rest of this page because we will disclose to you the most crucial elements that you should understand before you go ahead and hire a Penticton SEO consultant. Since you have read this far down the page, you are undoubtedly interested in internet marketing and realize how important it is to have an established presence online for your company or organization. Do not make the mistake of hiring an SEO company that does not have anything more than have a beautiful website that assures incredible outcomes but does not deliver.

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Below are some additional points to think about if you are searching for a Penticton SEO consultant to help market your company or organization on the Internet:

comain age icon

The age of your domain name

Google trusts websites that have been around for a while. They will give you more trust if you’re site has been online for more than 5 years. Whereas a site that was purchased last week will take longer to get trust from Google.

google domination icon

Google Domination

Are you happy just ranking your website? Or, do you wish to dominate the first page of Google search results for your specific keyword phrase with all of your videos and social media pages?

Duplicate content

Otherwise known as plagiarism. The fact is, Google does not like duplicate content. You need to ensure that your website’s content isn’t exactly the same as another website. You can use a tool like Copyscape to check for copied content.

Penalized Website

You may have a penalized website that will not rank due to bad search engine optimization services. If this is the case, some may say your site will cost too much money and take to long to rank well ever again. But wait! We have been able to help clients to get their website out of penalty, and have them ranking once again in a fraction of the time. Give us a call at 604-464-5800 to ask us about how we can help you get your website out of the penalty box.

pay-per-click advertising icon

Pay-per-click Advertising on Google and Facebook

This type of online advertising can work for your business or organization if your rate of conversion validates the amount of money you are spending on attracting visitors to your website. We’ve helped numerous companies by managing their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google and Facebook and delivered tremendous results. We can even design the display advertising for your Facebook ads.

social media marketing icon

Social Media
(Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

This is something you can use to your benefit but it is not as big of an aspect as others may attempt to inform you in regards to search engine optimization. It is good if you already have social media pages setup on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and if you utilize it properly. Be careful as negative comments on social media can negatively affect your rating

google analytics important for internet marketing
Are you tracking visitors to your website including where they are coming from and if they convert into clients?

It is important to track all visitors and leads from your internet marketing so that you know which methods are generating results. There are several straightforward methods to keep track of all analytics that occur on your site, most importantly; knowing and tracking exactly which page your leads are originating from.

If you are spending money on generating traffic to your website and you don’t have an established system in place to know precisely what pages on your website are converting your clients into phone calls. Call the SEO Penticton experts at Coronation Internet Marketing immediately at (778) 760-1475 or email us at [email protected]. We can help you get all of this setup and more!

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Hi, I’m Cary Blackburn, partner and president of Coronation Internet Marketing, and my company would like to assist you in ranking your business on the first page of Google so that your website can get more traffic and earn your business more money.

As an Internet user, when searching for a Penticton SEO, you discovered this page through the power of search engine optimization (SEO). Kelowna is the 7th largest city in British Columbia and the largest outside of the Greater Vancouver area and in the Okanagan. “Penticton SEO Company” is among the most difficult keywords to rank in the interior of British Columbia. If we can get this hard keyword to rank on the first page of search results, think about what we can do for your company.

Coronation Internet Marketing is the finest SEO Company you will discover. Our company takes pride in being more than just a search engine optimization company. We are a search engine marketing, web design, and website maintenance company.

Let us provide you the same plan that we’ve used to assist dozens of businesses and organizations in attaining success online as well additional revenue. We are the # 1 Penticton SEO Firm, as well as one of the top agencies in BC and across the country.

Think about it for a moment and ask yourself “What have I got to lose?” Phone or email us today and discover how we can assist in helping your business grow. that is operating today.

Why Does A Business Need SEO To Succeed?

If you were to have started a business 30 years ago, before the age of the Internet, to succeed you would have needed to use traditional advertising. The advertising would have consisted of marketing in magazines, newspapers, and even placing flyers throughout the city or town that you were operating in, hoping to generate traffic to your physical place of business. The Internet has changed the way that we do business today. We live in a digital world that lives on the web. Of course, there are still physical stores that sell merchandise, but more than ever before, stores are using the search engines to generate traffic. Here are a few of the top reasons that SEO is one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of succeeding in any business that is operating today.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is simply a series of strategies implemented to boost a website, and all of the pages on that site, to the top of the search engine listings for specific keyword terms. The main site will focus on your most profitable keyword term, and all of your posts will target individual keywords as well, sometimes focusing on different products. If you can properly optimize your website, you can reach the number one position for one or multiple keywords that you are targeting, helping you to generate hundreds or thousands of visitors possibly every single month. Getting to the top of search used to be very easy to do, but due to the highly competitive nature of keywords that exist today, very specific strategies must be implemented by an SEO expert to succeed online.

On-Site And Off-Site Optimization

There are two separate aspects of SEO to implement simultaneously. These are called on-site optimization which focuses on the website itself, and off-site optimization which focuses on building backlinks. On-site optimization refers to using videos and images on each page that you post. It also requires you to use unique content. The pages that you post should also be categorized, and interlinked together, allowing the search engine spiders to properly index every page. Outbound links to authority sites should also be added to improve your chances of reaching the first page of the search engine listings. Combined with off-site optimization, or what many people referred to as link building, you can gradually move your way up to the top of the search engine listings. The links that you build should come from websites that are similar to your own, and social media links are now more relevant than ever before. All of this working together can boost a site to the top of the listings, allowing people to find your business.

Is SEO Necessary For Success?

The answer to this question is yes. Optimizing your website is critical. The only other alternative is to use pay per click advertising on Google or Facebook, which can be very expensive. For long-term results, if you can rank your website for your most profitable keywords, preferably at the top of the search engine results, guaranteed traffic will be yours. Search engine optimization is something that you can do on your own using the strategies that have been mentioned, or you can use a professional SEO company to do all of the work for you, helping you achieve top rankings.

Taking SEO To The Next Level

Although ranking on the search engines can be very helpful in generating an abundance of traffic, smart search engine optimization companies are utilizing social media platforms to get more traffic than ever before. The viral nature of social platforms such as Facebook can spread your links to thousands of people without having to pay for this exposure. By only posting videos and images of the different products and services that you offer, as they are shared, you will get more exposure. Best of all, these are additional backlinks that you can use to your advantage, helping you to move your website to the top of the search engine listings. Whether you choose to use Facebook, Twitter, or one of the other social media sites, you will begin to improve your search engine positioning and generate more profits every day.

Once you have achieved several top positions, and you start to receive consistent traffic, you will clearly see why search engine optimization is so vital to the success of any business operating today because of how many people still use the search engines to find products or services that they want to buy. Although you could use traditional pay-per click-advertising, it is so much more cost-effective to have an SEO company optimize your website. Once this is done, your business will continue to grow and become more profitable because of these search engine optimization strategies.

The advantages of hiring a Penticton SEO company for your organization and business are numerous. Pick up the phone and call us now at (778) 760-1475 and we will demonstrate to you how to increase traffic to and leads from your business website.

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