Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer SEO

personal injury lawyers offices in pheonix arizonaWhen someone sustains an injury, they likely do not have the time to scour billboards and television advertisements to find an attorney. Most likely, like any time you require quick and reliable results, they will head to the computer and do a search online. When someone carries out a search for “Phoenix personal injury lawyer” on Google, what is the result? About 2,000,000 results come up, with many of the top companies and representatives showing up on the first two pages. Is your company name found within these first couple of pages? If not, you are likely missing out on a lot of business.

Here is another question for you: how often do you go past the third or fourth page of Google when searching for something you are interested in? Over 90% of people never go past the first page of search results, and that is why personal injury lawyers in Phoenix are working with companies like Coronation Internet Marketing for SEO – to get in front of qualified prospects the exact moment they are searching for their services.

The Benefits of  SEO for Lawyers

phoenix personal injury lawyer seoAs a lawyer in Phoenix, you may have never believed that the majority of your clientele would be found online. The internet is still a relatively new phenomenon for most legal businesses, and you could really take advantage of this. Despite that fact, the internet is obviously here to stay, with usage increasing year after year. What this means is that if you have not put effort into making your name known online, you are missing out on a ton of business.

Building a personal website is great, but how are people ever going to find your services out of the thousands that are offered in the city? Phoenix is a giant city, and as pointed out above, 2,000,000 results show up when “Phoenix personal injury lawyer” is typed into Google.

The key can be found in the implementation of search engine optimization to your webpage. It is essentially a strategy devised around getting your website to the top of search engines when specific keywords are entered into the search bar. There is no question that competition, when trying to find an injury lawyer online, has increased. Without a smart SEO strategy, it is likely that your name will never reach the first 50 pages of a Google search. Working with a reliable company like Coronation Internet Marketing, who has a proven track record of getting clients onto the top positions for extremely competitive keywords, can ensure you a new funnel of leads that lasts long-term.

Our Specialization – Attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona

As a personal injury lawyer working in a gigantic metropolis like Phoenix, working with a team to devise an SEO strategy for your website is a gateway to more traffic, that will eventually turn into clients. SEO is not something you can sit down and complete in an evening, which is why hiring professional help is necessary. Search engine requirements and guidelines are constantly changing, and working with a top company is the only way to stay on top of all the recent happenings. A great internet marketing company like Coronation Internet Marketing can also help improve the quality of your website, increase the relevance of the content that is located on all of your pages and carry out research on what keywords that would be most applicable for your business. If you’re a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix looking to grow your clientele through SEO, contact Coronation Internet Marketing and receive a free consultation.