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Commercial Drive, 22 mars 2009

By Philippe Giabbanelli [GFDL or CC BY 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

Overview of Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Vancouver’s Commercial Drive has an iconic status among Vancouverites for many reasons. Chief of these is the fact that when it comes to all the hot spots in the city, Commercial Drive has it all. You name it, and the famed commercial district of Vancouver also known as The Drive has it.

Are you looking for the best restaurants? Check. Do you have a weakness for anything Italian? Check. Commercial Drive won’t be beaten with its Little Italy. When your stomach is full with all that Vancouver’s Commercial Drive has to offer, you can shop till you drop. So you can check that out on your list, too.

More than a Little Bit of History

Sixty years of Italian heritage and over 20 blocks of space give Commercial Drive a special place in Vancouver’s heart. No doubt, visitors, tourists and other transients can feel it, too. That is one store, bar or restaurant at a time of which there are hundreds to choose from. Chances are an ambitious target like covering them all in one day would be an impossible dream here in The Drive unless you want a tour marathon of sorts.

The Beginning and the End of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive

Looking for where to can be a big challenge when touring Vancouver’s famed Commercial Drive. With so many sights, sounds and gustatory delights pulling you in all directions, keeping the focus or concentration can be a tough act to follow. Nevertheless, the formal geographic bottom of Commercial Drive is John Hendry Park and marked by Trout Lake. From spring and well into the fall, farmers from Vancouver and beyond gather to sell their goods, produce and other merchandise.

Commercial Drive’s top bunk would have to be Grandview Park. Meanwhile, it’s left and right or is it west and south comprise of lovely houses built at the turn of the 20th century.

A Cuisine Pileup Like No Other

Whether it’s eating or drinking, you can never ask for more out here in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive. For when you tire of established cuisines, you can always try the new ones brought in by the most recent immigrants to Vancouver. Whatever it is, be it Mexican, Nepalese or otherwise, you’d be setting yourself up for a culinary adventure of a lifetime. And if you can’t get over your love for beer, Commercial Drive offers you brews that you might not have tasted before, don’t drink and drive.

Don’t Forget Your Souvenirs

You don’t want to go home empty-handed after exploring the multifarious delights of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive. All those selfies you’ve taken won’t be complete without Vancouver paraphernalia that prove beyond reasonable doubt that you’ve been to The Drive. So come on, impress your friends and family with souvenirs that are all over Commercial Drive, anyway. They’re there for a reason.

Commercial Drive Postal Code:

  • V5L 3Y3
Commercial Drive Geo Coordinates:
Lat: 49.2724477
Long: -123.0712492

Vancouver has a number of great places to visit including Mount Pleasant to the west and Gastown in the downtown core.

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