Roof replacement is a big decision to make. It is evident that you need the best contractor to do the job. However, people find it difficult to know what they are looking. A large number of people would want to replace their roof once in a lifetime. This is an investment that needs you to make the right decision when choosing the right company. We have come up with ten questions that you should ask yourself when selecting the company to install your roof.

1. Ask about the time that the contractor has been in business

It is obvious that you will not have your car repaired by a mechanic who has worked for two weeks. Also, you won’t trust a doctor for surgery who is fresh from school. In the same way, it is not great to have a roofing contractor who does not have a long track record of the high-quality job. In many situations, people let the price to determine the roofing contractor that they choose. We all get what we pay for and therefore, choosing a contractor who gives you a bargain price with no satisfied customers will not end well with you. It is advisable to work with a company that has a well-built reputation and has worked in the business for decades.

2. Remember to check licensing and insurance

Roofing is a hazardous job, and that is why you should not do it on your own. Safety equipment, the right tools, materials, and experience are very important in this job. Well-known roofing contractors have the requisite permits and licenses in all the jobs they perform. A quality roofing installer should always have all the required insurance for workers. In case an accident occurs, and someone is hurt during the installation, the license is there to cover for it. Importantly, homeowners should never work with roofing contractors who do not give proof of insurance for all the employees.

3. Look for previous work

Almost all service providing business put reputation above everything. Previously, people used to ask from friends and family to identify the best places to have dinner or a dentist clinic. Today, the internet offers unbiased reviews from the third party who have been served before by the business. It is necessary to do your homework about a particular business before spending your money. Ask the views of other homeowners who have used the company before. You can also ask if the company can provide a list of people who you can call or even check online and get information about the previous job of the company. Always be skeptical when it comes to contractors who show nothing but five-star ratings. It sounds great, but it may not be the true image of their work.

4. Price does not always matter

People who have undertaken a project on a home renovation in the past must have been informed to “get three estimates.” We don’t know where so-called three estimates come from and no one also explains why three has to be the ideal number. Particularly, there is no reason why one should limit himself to the three estimates when finding the best roofing contractor. On the other hand, one should use his time in talking potential contractors. This should be done until you are sure that you have received the required information to make the right decision.

5. Have financing agreements in writing

All the aspects should be in writing when it comes to roofing contractors. You should also ensure to understand the terms of financing, and this is a very crucial thing. Quality roofing companies appoint a knowledgeable worker to help you understand all about the contract. He will also answer all the questions that you have concerning payment. Be careful not to leave any part of the agreement confusing.

6. Ask on who will do the installation

The roofing company should send its workers to do the job at your home. No one wants to wake up on the day of installation and find unfamiliar work crew in his property. It is unfortunate that some companies outsource their jobs to different independent contractors. When that happens, manufacturers of the materials for roofing can void the warranty of the materials. Additionally, you may not know if the independent contractor is qualified personnel for the job. You need to be careful about companies that use these types of tactics.

7. Ask what they will do if you’re not satisfied with the work

It is true not everything will always go as planned no matter how carefully you plan for any job. Errors can happen but how will the contractor handle it? this is a question you need to get its answer in advance. This will help you avoid spending a lot of time of the phone in reaching their representative. Companies like Best Quality Roofers INC. do accept any payment before the customers are satisfied with their roofs. In case one is not satisfied, they will always do something to make it right.

8. Ask about any unplanned repairs

You can watch any home improvement shows, and it will be evident that unplanned emergencies and repairs can occur at any time. The moment you have started ripping out the cabinets or knocking down the walls, it creates additional problems. This calls for extra work or repairs. Roofs also work in that similar way. In some situations, the decking can be damaged or rotten by moisture. The crew may find out that there are water damages that should be repaired. It is your responsibility to ask the contractor on what they can do in case of unexpected repairs.

9. Will the contractor tear off the old roof?

Some roofing contractors choose to install new shingles on the previous roof. It is a bad idea since it adds additional weight that is aging. Secondly, it does not address the underlying problems like damage concealed by shingles that are old. When there is a concealed problem in your roof, it means that major repair will be required in the future. Slapping new shingles over the previous ones means that you are only covering up the damage. This will cost the homeowner in the future.

10. Ask if the contractor is authorized for installation

You should find out if the contractor is a preferred and authorized installer for the manufacturer of shingles. This is a very crucial consideration. Manufacturers will not honor the warranties if the roof is installed by an installer who is not authorized.

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