Write for Us! Sponsored Posting Opportunities on Our SEO Blog

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You Write, And We’ll Publish! Let Us Publish Your Sponsored Blog Post On Our Blog

If you have the desire to write for our blog – we have the desire to post it!

A Quick Guide To The Post Requirements

At Coronation Internet Marketing – SEO Vancouver, we are all about keeping excellent quality on our blog when it comes to sponsored posts our standards remain the same.

When analyzing positions, we look for the following:

  • The post must be well written as we want quality posts on our blog. If the grammar, spelling and English is bad, we will reject it. We reject close to 50% of all guest posts submitted to us. 
  • Do not use spun or copied content. We check every article submitted to us in Copyscape.
  • Give advice that is practical and hands-on
  • Have a case study or tutorial basis
  • Provide proof in the form of a real example or data (which can be described anonymously)
  • Provide readers with appropriate images as reference guides
  • Give readers something useful that is clear and obvious the moment they finish reading.

A Guide To The Content & Writing Format

When writing a post, you should stick to the following guidelines:

  • Keep the style casual, like you’re chatting with a friend
  • Have fun and be yourself!
  • Avoid a business or an “I’m better than you” tone
  • Avoid fluff, keep sentences as clear and straightforward as possible
  • While there is no minimum word count, if a post is very short and without value we have the right to refuse to publish it.

Topic Examples We’re Not Interested In:

  • “The Battle Between SEO and Social Media”
  • “The Crucial Basics To Getting Started With SEO”
  • “Top 5 Ideas To Get Your Small Business Growing And Expanding”
  • “The Battle Between Content, Social, and SEO”
  • “Why SEO Has Many Faces”
  • “Enhancing Your SEO With The Right Social Media Meta Tag Templates”
  • “A Guide To Getting Listed In DMOZ”
  • “How To Share Your Google Analytic Dashboard Like It’s Social Media”

Your content should be formatted in the following structure:

  • Start with an introduction
  • Next, focus on the main content
  • Finish with a conclusion

Don’t forget; your content has to give readers useful advice in an interesting way.

What You’ll Get

  • You will get 2 dofollow backlinks (One in author box and one contextually within the article) to your website for each article you submit. You are getting 2 links from a high authority site.
  • We promote all blog posts to our social media properties including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. (We ask that you promote the post on your social media as well.


The price for a sponsored post on our blog is $20 USD. You will not be invoiced until we approve your submitted article.

Are You Still Keen To Get Published On Our Blog?

If you’re still keen to publish on our blog then, please make contact with us and provide the following in the form below:

  • A brief introduction about yourself
  • Samples of previous work
  • Ideas/titles for articles
  • Include any of the above articles which you have already completed.