9 Steps Towards Writing Effective Social Media Content

Effective social media content is good for your brand

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When coming up with a content marketing strategy for our brands, one of the most critical components is social media marketing. We create content to sharing it online via social media networks. There are over 3 billion social media users worldwide. With this information, it’s evident to see that creating effective social media content is crucial.

The following are nine strategies that you can employ to achieve this:

1. Concentrate On Your Reader

Your readers ought to be the primary target of your post. Even though most writers tend to focus on a wider audience, there are others that enjoy tailoring content towards a particular person or group of individuals.

Despite the fact that it’s not the only strategy to adopt, writing to one person portrays the desire connect with your readers.

2. Define Your Goals

Goal defining is one of the most important things to do

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One of the first things to do is goals definition. Typical objectives include promotion of products and client engagement. Once your goals are set, you should remember that everything should point back to them.

Afterwards, think about how you’ll measure them. What will you use to gauge your efforts? Retweets, shares or comments? Everything should be defined in your social media strategy.

3. Choose The Right Social Media Sites

The more sites you pick, the more content you’ll have to create. Therefore it’s prudent for you to do one thing well than doing several things just okay. Ensure that you choose wisely so that you don’t overwork yourself.

As you’re selecting the ideal social media sites, remember that each channel needs different kinds of content.

4. Utilize The Language Your Audience Uses

The language you use should be the same as your audience’s

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Copy how they speak and the words that they use. Take a look at who reads your content or comments on your posts. Moreover, also look at their emails and social media updates. You can go ahead and request those that have bought your products to describe them back to you.

5. Repeat What Works

If an article about a particular topic is shared several times or gets a lot of hits, logic states that you create more content for the topic. Give your audience more of what they need.

6. Identify Your Clients’ Social Networks

Choose the network which your audience uses frequently

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There are a significant number of social networks and channels that people use nowadays. Make sure that you publish and place your content where your clients tend to spend time in. The most common social networks include Facebook and Twitter.

7. Come Up With The Content

It doesn’t take much time and effort to create content. However, you should keep in mind that you’re creating online assets that will continuously provide value for you. For instance, a video published online that demonstrates how to do something will continuously educate your customers.

Blog articles, on the other hand, can be used for creating an online video. So if you are thinking about crowdsourcing content, for example, inviting guest authors to your blog, you may have to set some writing guidelines like the length of articles, images, and subtitles to be used.

8. Optimize Your Content

Content optimization is key

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If you imagine that simply writing and publishing is all that you have to do, then you’re mistaken. Your task has only just begun. You have to optimize your content. Some things to consider include:

  • Headline – Always come up with a compelling headline that will make people want to read your content.
  • Structure – Write subtitles that split your content into several segments that will attract your readers to your article.
  • Search – Write articles utilizing keywords that your readers would use to search for you online. Additionally, if you are publishing videos on YouTube, ensure that your content is optimized by coming up with a headline, a description, and keywords.
  • Social – ensure you have social media sharing buttons whenever you have content to share. Try not to make it hard for your audience to share and spread your awesome content.

9. Make Your Content Mobile

Nowadays, PCs and laptops are not the only gadgets that your customers or readers use. With advancements in technology, mobile phones and tablets have become must-have gadgets (there are around 2.4 billion smartphone users worldwide. This number is expected to hit 6.1 billion by 2020). Therefore, ensure that the content you create can be viewed on the various mobile platforms.


The tips discussed will greatly assist you to come up with compelling social media content for your brand. For queries about cause and effect essay outline or essay writing services, you can visit various online sources for assistance.

Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over eight years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.

10 Tools To Improve Your Guest Blogging Results


From sources of inspiration to creating high-quality social images to accompany your post, there is a multitude of free and paid tools that can be used to improve your guest blogging campaign. While we certainly don’t advocate the automation of guest blogging, because this quickly crosses the line into a spammy and unethical territory, there is nothing wrong with using some of the tools available to you. By reducing the time it takes to manage multiple spreadsheets, install Outlook add-ons, and unaccepted recirculating pitches, you can concentrate more of your personal resources on creating high-quality guest posting content.

So, below we have put together a list of 10 of the most useful tools;

Tools that we use, every day, as part of our guest blogging campaigns.


Finding inspiration for new posts can be difficult. You don’t want to send rehashed versions of the same articles to multiple sites, but after you’ve pitched a few blogs, you quickly run out of ideas.

Of all the content inspiration tools out there, AnswerThePublic is the one that we return to most often. We use it for writing our blog posts, for finding buyer keywords, and we use it to ensure that we’ve covered every single base with web page content. We also use it for guest blogging.

Only add your keyword, and hit search. AnswerThePublic will then provide you with a list of relevant questions about that topic. We don’t tend to use the visualization tab, which is selected by default. Instead, we click Data so that we are presented with a list of questions. Choose one question, create an FAQ style post, or just use the results to spark some content ideas.


Want to know what readers are sharing on social media about your niche? BuzzSumo is a great tool for exactly that purpose. Although many, many tools are part of the BuzzSumo suite, we primarily use it to determine popular topics and even to help us come up with blog post titles.

Enter your keyword, with quotation marks, and then hit search. You will be given an extensive list of posts that include the number of shares they have experienced on different social media accounts.


Ahrefs is probably the most widely used SEO tool that we have, and while it isn’t free, if you are conducting any ongoing SEO campaign, it is worth the investment. We use it to measure the quality of a guest blog site to determine whether it is worth pitching.

You can see whether a blog has any traffic, whether it has suffered any penalties that might be passed on to you, and you can also use it to determine the most popular posts that have appeared on a blog. This gives you great information to share with the blog owner – right; they probably know which there most favorite posts are, but by showing that you do too, you also show that you’ve put some time and effort into contacting them.


One of the biggest challenges in guest blogging is finding a steady stream of high-quality blogs that we want to publish content on. SEMRush may not be the first tool you think of for this, but they have a new SEO Content Tool. The tool is still in Beta, but enter a keyword, and SEMRush will display a mass of information, including a list of sites where you should try and get a link from. This will often include blogs that accept guest posts, reducing the time you have to spend mastering Google search queries.

Guest Post Site Scraper

We aren’t usually fans of scrapers and scraping tools. In the case of website scrapers, they tend to end in a list of relatively low-quality sites, but if you use it correctly, then the Guest Post Site Scraper will provide you with an extensive list of websites that use your keywords or are based on your topics, and that actively encourage guest post submissions. If you do use this tool, be sure to check the quality of the sites before you go submitting work to them.


When it comes to pitching websites, you will find that some site owners answer straight away. Some take days or even weeks to respond, and many will never respond at all. You can significantly improve your acceptance rates simply by following up on the pitches that you send. A spreadsheet will do the job, but BuzzStream arguably does a better job, and it does it in less time. You can even use it to find sites. It displays the email or contact address of any site that you find, and you can set reminders so that you email the site owner again in a few days.

Moz Toolbar

Writing a guest post should take time. The more effort you put into it, the greater the results you will reap. However, because it can take hours to create a high-quality post, find a list of sites, and then pitch your idea, you should ensure that you are getting the most from every post that is published. For this reason, you should measure the quality of a site before you try pitching them an idea. Moz offers a Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of every website and web page online, and these metrics are considered the industry standard for this kind of purpose. We are asked for sites with a minimum DA of 20.


It is important not to overlook the power of social shares as well, and the past social performance of a blog’s posts is a reasonable indication of how well future posts will perform. SharesCount is a straightforward and useful tool that tells you how often a post has been shared on the major networks and is a simpler alternative to BuzzSumo and other tools. Paste the URL and click Enter.


Some blog owners receive hundreds of pitches every week and must spend more time trawling through submissions than they would spend writing the posts. It stands to reason, then, that the more work you do for the site owner, the greater the chance that they will publish your piece. Add images to your post. Use screenshots where applicable, or use royalty free, stock photos and illustrations. Many websites offer this kind of content, including Pixabay.


If you want to go the extra mile with your submission, then you can create better quality images. Use the photos and illustrations you gather from Pixabay and other sources, edit them, and add text and other items using Canvas. Canvas can be used to create stunning infographics and hero images, as well, but it is a quick and simple solution to creating social sharing images.

Using the tools above you can increase your guest blogging performance. You will be able to find content ideas more easily, judge the quality of sites that you publish to, and even incorporate images. You can track your results, and you can use the information that you gather to make further improvements in the future too.

Matt1Matt Jackson is a freelance content writer and guest blogger. He manages dozens of campaigns, crafting high-quality content, and submitting to beneficial blogs to gain exposure for websites around the world. Visit brandingmedia.co.uk for more information on Matt’s services.

Effective Ways to Become a Spectacular Outreach Blogger


Spreading your content or promoting a brand to the wider audience is becoming much more easy to achieve these days with the advent and popularity of social media. With more than 2 billion active users, it is somehow impossible for your content to go unnoticed.

Whether you are a blogger by passion or by profession, your goal is to build a connection and relationship with your readers. This is also your way of aiding other bloggers and marketers, especially when promoting a product, brand, and service. All you need to do is to look for the best approach when reaching out to them.

Earning their attention means that you are taking the right path as an outreach blogger and you are writing something that persuades and interests your audience. However, while there are hundreds of articles posted every hour on the web, it is indeed very challenging for your blog post to earn the attention of the masses.

To help you in your endeavor, we identified ways and essential tools needed to be an effective outreach blogger.

Plan Your Outreach

A true blogger will not just post for blog’s sake. A true blogger knows how to work on its every facet to make it a sustainable and profitable job.

Therefore, it is important to create a plan where you can run your task smoothly. First, you need to have a list of people that you might come across in the future. This will guide you better on who to make conversation with in your blog posts and what kind of service you want to offer, such as your SEO campaign management services. Now that you have the interest of these people, the next step is to create a series of templates for your write-ups and the emails to your clients.

This will help you save time in the future.

build strong relationships

Build A Strong Relationship With Other Bloggers

The success of a true blogger is coming from forming a strong and lasting relationship not only to your customers but also to your fellow bloggers. In every article you compose, make sure to tag or mention other bloggers’ posts relevant to your recent post. This way, they will be more likely to be encouraged to do the same.

Observe Co-bloggers’ Activities

Outreach blogging is not only about building relationships but also, it is about knowing your colleagues by observing how they do their job. This will help you get ideas that can assist you with your endeavors as an outreach blogger.

Be in connection with those people whom you think will help you obtain better knowledge about effective blogging. The kind of relationships you are to create with them must be something that you can benefit from in the future and not the other way around.

Stress On Simplicity, Passion, and Creativity

Simplicity is good, especially when you deliver your message well to your readers and co-bloggers. When they understand your content, they will be most likely to feel a connection with you. You want to make it simple, but you have to make it stunning as well.

It is important to stress creativity and to show how your brand is different than the rest. Like I said, you don’t just blog for blog’s sake. Showing feelings is not wrong. You have to show real emotions especially when you are pitching someone’s work. This will make them feel that you are genuine as an outreach blogger.

tools for construction

Efficient and Affordable Blogger Outreach Tools

Building a good connection and being able to organize your tasks impressively is not enough if you want to remain effective and successful in this industry. If you want to stay on top of the game, you need to step up using the following tools:


inkybee logo

This outreach blogger tool helps you set up searches at a starting price of $19. It is based on a database with more than 1 million blogs which automatically provide you with the latest and relevant blogs.

The tool also allows you to have a detailed and granular analysis for a particular blogger outreach campaign or influencer marketing efforts.
Further, Inkybee lets you create a Campaign Management for easy tracking of your outreach while on the process of the campaign. With the help of this tool, you can also monitor traffic using their Google Analytics integration.

Group High

group high logo

This is an outreach marketing application that has an extensive discovery engine with 13 million blogs accompanied with automatic research and tracking engagement system.

With crowdsourcing of more or less 60 thousand contacts updated monthly, you will get accurate information from the users of the system and from everyone who has access to Group High.

This can be extremely useful, especially when looking for keywords as filtering is also available here.



This is a blogger outreach management system that does not have the database of blogs.

BuzzStream uses Link Prospecting that can be used to reach out to blogs. This tool can relatively easy to use. Once you are done selecting your groups and creating your list with other outreach bloggers, you can now start building your outreach.

space shuttle taking off

Final Thoughts

It is true that most of the blog posts you read revolve around the promoting of a brand, encouraging people to try this product and endorsing someone’s business. However, it is also true that being an outreach blogger requires visibility. And the key to doing this is to interact with people that will most likely find you interesting.

We are lucky to live in a time where there are already a lot of tools that could help us be more visible to people. However, we need to identify how to start it right – always begin in building a connection.

Aside from these tools, social media like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook can be a great channel to connect not only to fellow bloggers but also to ordinary people.

We understand that some bloggers may not respond to you immediately because they receive hundreds to thousands of emails daily. However, it is still better if you try your best to talk to your readers once in awhile.

This will show how genuine you are as an outreach blogger despite how busy your day would get.

patric panancillonAs an entrepreneur, Patrick Panuncillon has persevered through every challenge, eventually obtaining excellent track records in the business. He is well-experienced and results-driven. The Founder and CEO of LinkVista Digital Inc., Patrick has years of experience when it comes to SEO and Digital Marketing. Connect with him at LinkedIn.