The common is one of the most popular clubs is Edmonton. This club had long lines and opened around 10 pm. To get in you need to get there early, or you will be waiting. The crowd is trendy. The drinks are somewhat inexpensive, and a vodka mix will go for around $6. Name brand drinks are $7. The bathrooms are clean which is a bonus. The design of this club is tasteful. On weekends the cover to get in is only $5. The music is provided by a DJ, so it is not bad. This is a great place if you like trendy clubs. This is one the best places for the tradition club visitor to go. If you do not get there early enough, you will be waiting to get into this famous club.

The Haven Social Club

Many feel that this is the best place for music in this town. This club has an area for live music and a stage that can be seen from just about anywhere in the facility. This club has a good selection of beer. There are many different beers on tap as well. If you plan on getting in be sure to come early as it fills up fast. This is one of the first places in Edmonton that offers free wifi services. Other clubs have since caught on and are beginning to provide this service. The Haven Burger is tasty as well. This club is easy to miss if you do not keep an eye open. Some people walk right by it during the day. This is the spot to go if you like live music and good food. You can come here and listen to music while getting some good food to eat. The burgers are some of the best in town.


The Black Dog Freehouse

This club has a great vibe to it. There is a main floor with dartboards, and there is a lower level with TV. This is a multilevel club. Some nights live bands are playing. When the bands are not playing a DJ keeps the music going. This place is not too expensive as well. The food and the drinks are very affordable here. On Thursday nights there are Big Rock pints on special. This club premium rum in stock and does not charge extra for the quality brands. This is the best pub on Whyte Street. On weekends there is a crowd, but it still has a laid-back feel. There is booth upstairs as well as a full bar with plenty of seats. You will be able to relax while and still be able to listen to good music.

Fluid Lounge

This club is designed for those over the age of 25. Most of the time it does not play dance music or hip hop but music that can be considered to be calmer. On weekends the club will play music for the younger crowd. This is when the clubbing music comes on. If you can get to the club early, you will not have to pay the cover charge. The bouncers are friendly unless there is a problem. After 10:30 pm this club has a relaxed atmosphere and is a great place to get some drinks with friends. Once 11 pm comes around the club becomes more energetic. The DJ takes the stage and places music that you can dance to. This is a great place to dance and still enjoy a casual atmosphere.

New City Legion

This club has made the city of Edmonton a busy night spot. When you walk into this club, there will be people dancing everywhere. Still, it is very welcoming. There are some over the top costumes that add to the atmosphere. Halloween is the best time of year to come to this club. The costumes are great outrageous this time of the year. There are many different types of people from punk rockers to regular clubbers. There is some creative and innovative dancing as well. The best part is that no one is here to judge other clubbers. This is a great place to dance and have fun. You can experiment with different looks and still be welcomes.

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