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We have chatted with many realtors who have had negative search marketing stories to tell. Typically, they express concern about spending thousands of dollars to an SEO company and never seeing any results. Their site may not even be close to the first page of Google’s search results. Sometimes they end up with a few social media profiles, or pages that exist somewhere out in the depths of the internet, never ever to be seen or visited by a single prospective client.

A lot of real estate agents that pay for SEO have completely no concept what they are paying for because the search engine optimization company that they worked with to supply stated “search engine optimization services” either does not tell them precisely what they are going to do in order to get them more clients or even offer monthly traffic or ranking reports.

You see, the big SEO companies tend to follow outdated business models. A business model that is similar to the big corporations, like cable companies, who are focused on getting as many clients as they can, while providing inadequate service quality to their existing clients. They waste a large portion of their time contracting out jobs out of the country or to other firms, and tell their clients that Google’s algorithms change so often that it is difficult to get their site to rank better.

We want to inform you that these large SEO agencies are too slow when updating their business practices, and are behind the times in the methods that they offer for internet marketing services, and specifically, search engine optimization. There were two major modifications in how Google’s search engine determines how to rank websites in between 2012 and 2014. Google named these updates “Penguin” and “Panda”, and with their latest algorithm updates, they ended up causing a significant amount of hardship for the majority of these big search engine optimization companies. These updates put a lot of the big firms out of business since it was too tough to make the required modifications and offer the right training needed to continue operating after they had actually been dealing with too many untalented staff members and outsourcers.

We don’t want to see realtors have to experience the pain from these poor SEO firms that are taking their hard-earned cash and not delivering favourable outcomes.

At Coronation Internet Marketing Ltd., we take pride in being among the few real SEO specialists.

We specialize in SEO and we are experts at it! We manage our business with the philosophy that Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing are effective component’s of every realtor’s marketing plan. There also has to be a fair amount of return on investment as an outcome of these marketing endeavours. Otherwise, it may not be regarded as a worthy investment. Internet marketing needs to be watched carefully, tracked, and proven in order to substantiate its effectiveness. At Coronation Internet Marketing, we do this for each and every one of our clients.

We encourage you to read through the rest of this page because we will disclose to you the most crucial elements that you should understand before you go ahead and hire an SEO consultant. Since you have read this far down the page, you are undoubtedly interested in internet marketing and realize how important it is to have an established presence online for your company or organization. Do not make the mistake of hiring an SEO company that does not have anything more than have a beautiful website that assures incredible outcomes but does not deliver.

Below are the important things you should know so that you know that you are getting a proper quote on search engine optimization services from a business that will most definitely get you the results you want.

What market are you targeting for your real estate business and what precisely are they searching online for?

vancouver search engine optimization target

Do you take your clients for granted?
Don’t forget, they are real people searching for honest answers to their questions.

This may seem like “marketing for dummies”, but the reality is that realtors have no idea how to precisely target their customers in a way that will help them to be found online. You also have to understand exactly what it is they are searching for. This could sound really basic to you, but with internet marketing, we have to know precisely how your customers are looking for you on the internet. What exactly are they entering in to Google or other search engines to find what they are looking for?

There is a huge distinction between targeting broad and specific search terms. Ensuring you rank for the terms that are generating targeted leads that clients are prepared to purchase, and are simply searching for the top real estate professional to supply them the service that they require.

Google supplies this information for no cost what-so-ever. Any individual can go to the Google Keyword Planner and see precisely what individuals are typing into the Google search engine each month. If you understand how to utilize this tool appropriately, you can discover search terms (keywords) that might not be as popular each month. However, it will target potential clients that have money and are prepared to make a purchase. If you can have your site appear on the first Google’s search engine results page for these “money keywords” you will certainly have a huge return on investment for your internet marketing endeavors.

low hanging fruit for seo vancouver bc

The following is a typical example

Let’s say that you are a realtor in Vancouver. You most likely thought that you would like to rank for the term “Vancouver real estate”. I’m sure that seems logical, right? If you are on the first page of Google’s search results for that term, you undoubtedly think that will bring you business. However, since that search phrase is so competitive with high authority websites already on the first page, it could take you years and a lot of money invested to get your website on that first page of search results. Plus, you may never get to the first page due to the extreme competition.

Alright, so let’s focus your keyword down to “vancouver homes for sale” or even “vancouver realtor”. These are preferred keywords and will likely deliver you even more customers, however the competition is still quite high and somewhat broad.

Lets get into the head of your clients for a moment… Why would those clients require a realtor in Vancouver? Perhaps they want a condo in Yaletown or even Coal Harbour? They might search “yaletown condos” or “coal harbour condos” in to Google’s search engine. (These search phrases do get significant searches per month according to Google’s keyword planner tool) If your website has a web page optimized for those specific search phrases, they are likely going to discover you and presumably hire you if you have excellent information on your website.

That example is what we refer to as “low hanging fruit” in search engine marketing for local companies. They are somewhat simple to rank for, but is so explicit that the individuals who search online for these terms will discover you and select you due to the fact that people are confident in what they discover on the web. As a realtor where the typical client, similar to the instance above, is worth thousand of dollars, then landing these clients online using this method just makes great sense. Plus, this can be really exciting!

Therefore, as you are likely starting to understand, marketing your real estate business on the internet with the aid of an SEO consultant will help your business grow quickly. By showing you these “low hanging fruit” keywords to attract more clients that are looking to hire you to help them buy or sell a home.

However, these types of services may not work for your real estate business all of the time. We at Coronation Internet Marketing can always do a quick evaluation to see if Search Engine Optimization is a good investment for you to spend your money on. We do an extensive evaluation of your company, including the keywords you want to be found for, along with those of your competitors. We then talk to you about an online marketing approach that would work for your business.

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Google’s confidential information disclosed

On-page Versus Off-page Optimization

google confidential search engine optimization

Your rankings in Google are affected by these essential elements

When it comes to doing SEO correctly, regardless if you are designing a brand-new website or trying to improve the rankings of the website you currently have, there are a number of important elements that you need to comprehend. Google uses two primary elements of search engine optimization that determines how they analyze your site.

on-site search engine optimization

On-site/On-page Optimization

This consists of the information and content on your website and how it is structured.

      • URL structure – Does your domain name contain your keyword? Is your keyword in your page names and titles?
      • The arrangement of your links on-site – Are the pages on your website linked in a correct up and/or down silo format?
      • Keywords within the content on your page – Do you at least have your keyword within the content on your page a minimum of once? For example, let’s say you want to be found for “Calgary homes for sale”, you should mention that phrase at least once, if not more, within the article. Are you putting your keywords in far too many times (over-optimization)? In other words, don’t stuff your keywords into the content.
      • Quantity of content – Do you have enough content on your page(s)? A few sentences of content on your page won’t help you to rank. 500 words is about the bare minimum. If you really want to see great results, 1000 words should be your starting point.
      • Design of your site – Does the design of your website make it simple for people to move around and keep them interested so they spend more time on your site? Google is making this more essential for better rankings.
graphic about off site seo

Off-site/Off-page Optimization

This primarily is about other websites that directly link to your website.

  • What websites link to your website – What is the number of sites that link to your website, and how popular and relevant they are? Quantity is not the most important factor any more. You can rank a website with less links that are of a higher quality.
  • Anchor text – What words are used within the links pointing at your website? You want anchor text that is pertinent to your website along with excellent diversity of the keyword(s) and phrases you wish to rank for.
  • Relevance of the site linking to yours – There needs to be relevant content on the website that links to your website. Google will not give as much power behind a link that comes from a website – like a directory that simply has a number of links – that does not contain information pertinent to your website. In fact, they may even penalize you for it. A lot of older search engine optimization companies have harmed their client’s website while using this linking method. Google has stopped them from ranking ever again. These firms have built a large number of links that are of low quality and/or have anchor text percentages that are beyond what is considered normal.
are search rankings affected by web design
But doesn’t a great looking website help rankings?
The short answer is no

So far on this page, we have not mentioned anything about web design except for making sure your site is easy to navigate. Since you are more than likely a Realty Ninja client already, you have a great looking website. There is no question that having a website that looks great is a good thing. But, there is more to getting good rankings and traffic than having a beautiful site.

You should utilize your site in order to attract new customers which means targeting your efforts on getting your website to rank with better search results using the right keywords. Then, focus on how the information within your real estate website converts visitors into clients. You need to get visitors to your site first, then concern yourself with how it converts clients.

Below are some additional points to think about if you are searching for an SEO consultant to help market your real estate business on the Internet:

comain age icon

The age of your domain name

Google trusts websites that have been around for a while. They will give you more trust if you’re site has been online for more than 5 years. Whereas a site that was purchased last week will take longer to get trust from Google.

google domination icon

Google Domination

Are you happy just ranking your website? Or, do you wish to dominate the first page of Google search results for your specific keyword phrase with all of your videos and social media pages?

Duplicate content

Otherwise known as plagiarism. The fact is, Google does not like duplicate content. You need to ensure that your website’s content isn’t exactly the same as another website. You can use a tool like Copyscape to check for copied content.

Penalized Website

You may have a penalized website that will not rank due to bad search engine optimization services. If this is the case, some may say your site will cost too much money and take to long to rank well ever again. But wait! We have been able to help clients to get their website out of penalty, and have them ranking once again in a fraction of the time. Give us a call at 604-464-5800 to ask us about how we can help you get your website out of the penalty box.

pay-per-click advertising icon

Pay-per-click Advertising on Google and Facebook

This type of online advertising can work for your business or organization if your rate of conversion validates the amount of money you are spending on attracting visitors to your website. We’ve helped numerous companies by managing their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google and Facebook and delivered tremendous results. We can even design the display advertising for your Facebook ads.

social media marketing icon

Social Media
(Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

This is something you can use to your benefit but it is not as big of an aspect as others may attempt to inform you in regards to search engine optimization. It is good if you already have social media pages setup on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and if you utilize it properly. Be careful as negative comments on social media can negatively affect your rating.

google analytics important for internet marketing
Are you tracking visitors to your website including where they are coming from and if they convert into clients?

It is important to track all visitors and leads from your internet marketing so that you know which methods are generating results. There are several straightforward methods to keep track of all analytics that occur on your site. Most importantly: knowing and tracking exactly which page your leads are originating from.

If you are spending money on generating traffic to your website and you don’t have an established system in place to know precisely what pages on your website are converting your clients into phone calls. Call the SEO experts at Coronation Internet Marketing immediately at 604-464-5800 or email us at [email protected]. We can help you get all of this setup and more!

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