What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What are people talking about when mentioning search engine optimization?
That is easier to explain than one might think.

Describing SEO

Search Engine Optimization, also called SEO, is the term used to describe activity aimed at improving website rankings on search engines. Google displays page links considered authoritative and relevant to search inquiries. Authority is measured according to how many and the quality of links associated with web pages. As long as your web pages have links from other web pages, it has the potential for ranking in Google searches.

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Help Your Site Show Up In Google

Encourage people to link their web pages to yours and let Google see that it is authoritative and compelling by using great content. Google strives to show pages in search results that are compelling and authoritative. It is as simple as that.

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How Google Ranks Pages

Pages that demonstrate authority and relevance are ranked higher by Google, and that means you must create pages that do that for you. It is important to create content that people can use. Such content will be shared on Twitter feeds, blogs and others. Google takes notice of these signals of authority, and the result is strong and sustainable rankings.

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Get Better Search Results With This Simple Guide

  1. Create excellent and useful content using words and phrases people use when searching for products and services like yours.
  2. Allow people to share your link with others easily.
  3. Repeat.

Search Engine Optimization is simply a form of quality control for websites. It is the action of ensuring a site is found by search engines when specific words or phrases are used that are relevant to the site. Even so, the SEO industry is often misunderstood by those on the outside of Search Engine Optimization.

Some SEO companies will attempt to blind you with complex, scientific explanations of their industry that can cause you to consider it a black art. Ask them to help you understand how it works or how to use it and after a couple of hours of them explaining their practices and you are still in the dark. At Coronation Internet Marketing, we are different. We enjoy watching as the light bulb goes off as our clients pick up on the concept and like sharing with them what we are doing and why!

Getting Links

It is important to have links, but there is a difference between quality and quantity, and they should never be considered apart from content. You must understand first that great content significantly increases chances of getting natural links from quality pages relevant to your own which is where you get the most help.

Simply put, when you create a page worth linking to you are more likely to secure valuable links. Great sites would never link to content of poor quality. What is in it for them to do that?

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Know the type of content your potential customers are interested in by doing your homework. Create a fantastic site using content people want to read and provide them with an easy way to share it. Your website traffic will increase when you do this.

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