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freemont street, las vegas

Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Have you ever aspired to know about the real story behind Las Vegas? There are plenty of people that know the city as a haven for gambling and other illicit activities. Las Vegas is so much more than that, though, and it is a real shame that more people don’t know the city’s rich history. Learning about Las Vegas doesn’t have to be hard, though, the solution is right here. Read on to learn the history of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Creating An Oasis In The Desert

By all rights, the city of Las Vegas should not exist. While once a diverse marsh ecosystem, by the time Americans moved west the Las Vegas Valley was nothing more than an arid wasteland. Cacti and some hardy animals thrived, but not much else.

That didn’t stop a small party, led by John Fremont, from establishing a small outpost in the valley in the mid-1840s. The last fort would service the US during the Mexican-American war and the Union during the Civil war.

The property eventually came under the control of Archibald Stewart, who would take the first steps in establishing the city.

Taking Control, In More Ways Than One

The fort and surrounding land in Las Vegas Valley stayed with the Stewart family until the early 1900s, when it was bought out by the San Pedro, Salt Lake, and Los Angeles Railroad. The railroad brought about farmers and settlers looking to make their mark in the American West. These settlers birthed the proud, free spirit that sticks with Las Vegas to this day. That spirit would constantly be put to the test in the 1900s.

The Rise, Fall, And Rebirth

Things did not go well for the citizens of Las Vegas early on. The city’s economy depended on railroad travelers and gold seekers that loved to gamble. When gambling was outlawed in Nevada in 1910, things began to turn for the worse. By the time the US got involved in WWI, the city was on the brink of economic ruin.

Hoover Dam south of Las Vegas, NV

Hoover Dam south of Las Vegas, NV

Herbert Hoover would inadvertently save the city, and not a moment too soon. The commissioning of the Hoover (then called Boulder) Dam brought an economic boom to the fledgling city.

Gambling was reintroduced in Las Vegas in the early 1930s but got off to a slow start. The federal government did all that it could to prevent dam builders from entering Las Vegas. Their efforts proved lackluster to say the least. The city inevitably began to boom, and influence from Hollywood and New York would push Las Vegas to new heights.

Things went well during the latter half of the 20th century. Influential Rat Pack members helped make Las Vegas one of the more culturally inclusive cities in the United States, and the economy continued to boom. The introduction of mega resort casinos in the 80s and 90s took things to an entirely different level.

Sahara Resort in Las Vegas

Sahara Resort in Las Vegas, NV – a victim of the 2008 housing crisis.

Las Vegas was perched right on top of the real estate bubble that popped in late 2007. Unfortunately, the economy suffered one of the worst drops of any major city in the United States. For years the economy struggled, with homelessness and crime steadily rising.

The 2010s have been much kinder to Las Vegas, though, and the tough, can-do spirit of its citizens seems to be pushing the city forward again.

There is much more to this story, but now you know a lot more about the actual story behind Las Vegas, Nevada. The city is a miracle, built in a veritable wasteland. The story of Las Vegas is a story of men and women that sought to control their destiny, to create and live in a world that bent to their wills. No one can argue that Las Vegas hasn’t succeeded in its overriding mission. Who knows what the future holds for the city; but you can guarantee that it is something big and glamorous.