Choosing Between cPanel and Plesk Web Hosting

cpanel vs plesk web hosting

If you have been looking into finding the best Canadian web hosting for a some time now, you may have some knowledge about the different control panels. You know their differences and nuances, and you are familiar with the strengths of each:

But the reality is, is that we forget these things, and we end up using the same control panel out of a convention. If you a habit of doing that, then take a refresher of the most popular panels, cPanel and Plesk. We will get into both, and get right down to the main competitive nature of each of them.

What are Plesk and Cpanel?

People that know a lot about the business, already know that cPanel is one of the most popular Platforms that you can use to manage a server. Many people don’t know that cPanel has a been on the market since the mid-1990s and is less or more compatible with Linux and Unix systems. This means that it goes along nicely with CentOS and Red Hat.

On the other hand, Plesk was introduced in the early 2000s. The difference between the two is that Plesk supports Windows and Unix. So who has the upper hand? To answer that question, we would have to take a look at their strengths. We will start with the dominating Cpanel:

cpanel logo

cPanel is Known As the Windows of Server Systems

Since cPanel is widely used, if you have an issue you can most likely find a solution. There is a large group of people that are using this software, and because cPanel has a broad support basis, it has been studied to death.It also has an interface that is easy to learn than Plesk; it means it plays nice with the masses and makes it simple to get into web hosting. In quintessence cPanel, web hosting is the same as Ubuntu is to Linux.

plesk logo

Plex Is Bi-server-ual

On the other hand, Plesk can handle several operating systems and servers like a champ. The interface can sometimes be complicated and has a little steeper learning curve, but it supports both Windows and Unix. It can also handle several commands a lot better than cPanel.

Most high-quality hosting options usually let you choose between both services; The real question is this: Do you want a Windows machine that is multi-server or do you the ease of using a Unix face.